Third Workshop of Technology Enhanced Learning Environments for Blended Education – The Italian e-Learning Conference(teleXbe)


The Third Workshop of Technology Enhanced Learning Environment for Blended Education is organized jointly by the University of Foggia and

10-11 JUNE 2022


The Technology Enhanced Learning Environment for Blended Education (teleXbe) engages researchers, practitioners, educational developers, entrepreneurs to address current challenges and advances in the field.

Over the past decades, digital technologies have had a massive and pervasive impact on our life at different levels, i.e., leisure time, work, health, and learning. In this scenario, the field of education has had to renovate the whole learning environment. The development of information communication technology (ICT) offers opportunities and benefits in the educational area when blended with traditional approaches to learning/teaching are used jointly. The blended learning model is a possible solution to creating a flexible and adaptable learning environment for students’ preferences and learning needs.

The Workshop is expected to advance a set of scientific knowledge and methodologies of intervention that can be purposefully applied to the design and development of technologies that support the learning process. Indeed, teleXbe aims to promote a community of practice in this field, offering different perspectives from the multidisciplinary field (e.g., computer science, education, psychology).