We are pleased to communicate the list of finalists that contains the five best papers. Among these, the best paper will be awarded during the workshop (Day 2, 16-30-16-50). The winning paper will be awarded a prize of €200. Finalists will be able to request the certificate.

• Andrea Generosi, Silvia Ceccacci, Giampiero Cimini, Samuele Faggiano, Luca Giraldi and Maura Mengoni
Facial coding as a mean to enable continuous monitoring of student’s behavior in e-Learning

• Concetta Pirrone, Simone Varrasi, Giuseppe A. Platania and Sabrina Castellano
Face-to-face and Online Learning: The Role of Technology in Students’ Metacognition

• Thomas Sofias and Christos Pierrakeas
Effectiveness of a WebGIS-Based Project on High School students’ Spatial Thinking Skills

• Isabel de Maurissens and Nicola Barbuti
Ontology of Backgrounds in distance learning. Correlations between virtual Backgrounds and educational relationship

• Giorgio Ciano, Giovanna Maria Dimitri, Alberto Rossi, Giorgia Giacomini, Simone Bonechi, Paolo Andreini and Elisa Messori
SlAide2Voice: a new educational tool for students with visual disabilities