14:30 - 17:45 October 5 2021
PROJECT SESSION: Practical experiences

STOP: Luigia Simona Sica, Luca Fusco, Federico Diano, Federica Somma and Raffaele Di Fuccio
The SToP project app: promoting the creation of habits through explicit learning and self-monitoring 

EULALIA/STOP: Orazio Miglino, Raffaele Di Fuccio, Fabrizio Ferrara, Eliana Brunetti and Monica Zampella
Digital Storytelling: a learning perspective

EULALIA: Annaleda Mazzucato and Joanna Kic-Drgas
An Embodied Perspective of Open Educational Resources (OERs) Collaborative Design supporting Selfdetermined and Autonomous Learning

MERGO: R. Di Fuccio, G. Toto, S. Pati
An innovative tool for olfactive leraning with Tangible User Interfaces in MOOC learning for viticulture and enology learning

BLUE ARROW: R. Di Fuccio, G. Toto
BLUE ARROW a project for the improvement of distance learning of children between 3 and 7 years old using storytelling and mixed reality

KNIGTHS: M. Miglino, V. Braucci, R. Di Fuccio
KNIGHTS OF THE EUROPEAN GRAIL: an app developed for increasing the motivation in language learning of high schools

EDU4AI: K.Geramani, A. Mazzucato, D.Alimisis, J.S.Sola, T. Jörg, G.Pitsiakos, L.Borajo Molina, G. Ioannidis
Edu4AI: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to foster 21st century skills in secondary education


17:45 - 18:00 October 5 2021